Quantization-Aware Training

Quantization-Aware Training is a technique used to quantize models during the training process. The main idea is that the quantization is emulated in the forward path by inserting some “Quantization” and “De-Quantization” nodes (Q-DQ) several places in the network to emulate the inference quantization noise. The expectation is the backward propagation will alter the weights so that they will adapt to this noise, and the result loss will be much better than traditional Post-Training Quantization.

For the weights, it is also common to take different quantization functions that cut off outliers. Some examples are available in the Distiller guide. Distiller is an open-source Python package for neural network compression research. Network compression can reduce the footprint of a neural network, increase its inference speed, and save energy. Additionally, a framework for pruning, regularization and quantization algorithms is provided. A set of tools for analyzing and evaluating compression performance on previously-known State-of-the-Art (SotA) algorithms

When using QAT techniques, the position in which the Q-DQ ops are placed needs to align with the fusions hardware does for inference.