Release Notes

nGraph is provided as source code, APIs, build scripts, and some binary formats for various Compiler stack configurations and use cases.

For downloads formatted as .zip and tar.gz, see

This page includes additional documentation updates.

We are pleased to announce the release of version 0.29.

Core updates for 0.29

  • Constant folding improvements

  • Pattern refactoring

  • Serialization bug-fixes

  • Build improvements

Latest documentation updates

  • Improved documentation on Pad op


Pre-releases (-rc-0.*) have newer features, and are less stable.

Changelog on Previous Releases


  • Better debugging documentation

  • Dynamic Shapes and APIs

  • Provenance

  • Add linkages and overview for quantization APIs

  • New themed illustrations


  • Fixes broken serializer for Sum and Product

  • New ops

  • Provenance improvements from 0.25.1

  • More dynamic shape ops

  • More informative errors

  • Additional details on quantization

  • Index updates

  • API updates

  • All ops support Output<Node> arguments

  • Additional ops

  • ONNX handling unknown domains

  • Provenance works with builders and fused ops

  • RPATH for finding openmpi

  • Negative indices/axes fixes

  • Migrate some get_argument removals

  • Negative indices/axes fixes

  • Better support for MKL-DNN 1.0 (DNNL)

  • Additional constant element types

  • Add new Sphinx-friendly theme (can be built natively for an alternative to docs).

  • Update PaddlePaddle documentation to reflect demo directories instead of example directory.

  • Update doc regarding the validation of Sum op.


  • Performance increase for ConstantFolding pass


  • Allow DLLs that link nGraph statically to load backends

  • Add rank id to trace file name

  • Allow provenance merging to be disabled

  • Remove some white-listed compiler warnings

  • Provenance, builders, ops that make ops, and fused op expansions

  • Note the only support for nGPU is now through PlaidML; nGraph support for nGPU (via cuDNN) has been deprecated.

  • iGPU works only with nGraph version 0.24.


  • Better PlaidML support

  • Double-buffering support

  • Constant folding

  • Support for static linking

  • Additional ops

  • Preliminary static linking support

  • Known issue: No PlaidML training support

  • Doc: Add instructions how to build NGRAPH_PLAIDML backend

  • Published interim version of doc navigation for updates at

  • GPU validations: added 5 functional TensorFlow workloads and 4 functional ONNX workloads


  • Fixes reshape sink/swim issue

  • More ONNX ops

  • Elementwise divide defaults to Python semantics

  • GenerateMask seed optional

  • Graph visualization improvements

  • Preserve control dependencies in more places

  • GetOutputElement has single input


  • More ONNX ops

  • Elementwise divide defaults to Python semantics

  • GenerateMask seed optional

  • Document new debug tool

  • Graph visualization improvements

  • Note deprecation of MXNet’s ngraph-mxnet PyPI

  • Note default change to svg files for graphs and visualization

  • Add more prominent tips for contributors who find the doc-contributor-README

  • Better GSG / Install Guide structure.

  • Added group edits and new illustrations from PR 2994 to introduction.rst.

  • Ensure ngraph-bridge link in README goes to right place.

  • Make project extras their own subdirectory with index to help organize them.

  • Known Issues

    • When using TensorFlow* v1.14.0 with `ngraph-bridge v0.16.0rc0 and CPU backend, we saw notable to severe decreases in throughput in many models.


  • More ONNX ops

  • Optimizations

  • Don’t reseed RNG on each use

  • Initial doc and API for IntelGPU backend

  • DynamicBackend API


  • The offset argument in tensor reads and writes has been removed

  • Save/load API

  • More ONNX ops

  • Better tensor creation

  • More shape support

  • Provenance improvements

  • offset arg for tensor creation is deprecated

  • static linking support

  • Initial test of 0.21-doc

  • Updated doc-contributor-README for new community-based contributions.

  • Added instructions on how to test or display the installed nGraph version.

  • Added instructions on building nGraph bridge (ngraph-bridge).

  • Updated Backend Developer Guides and ToC structure.

  • Tested documentation build on Clear Linux OS; it works.

  • Fixed a few links and redirs affected by filename changes.

  • Some coding adjustments for options to render math symbols, so they can be documented more clearly and without excessive JS (see replacements.txt).

  • Consistent filenaming on all BE indexes.

  • Removed deprecated TensorAPI.


  • Save/load API

  • More ONNX ops

  • Better tensor creation

  • More shape support

  • Provenance improvements


  • More dynamic shape preparation

  • Distributed interface factored out

  • fp16 and bfloat16 types

  • codegen execution parameterized by context

  • NodeMap, NodeVector, ParameterVector, ResultVector now vectors

    • node_vector.hpp replaced by node.hpp

    • op/parameter_vector.hpp replaced by op/parameter.hpp

    • op/result_vector.hpp replaced by op/result.hpp

  • Additional ONNX ops

  • Add graph visualization tools to doc

  • Update doxygen to be friendlier to frontends

  • Python formatting issue

  • mkl-dnn work-around

  • Event tracing improvements

  • Gaussian error function

  • Begin tracking framework node names

  • ONNX quantization

  • More fusions

  • Allow negative padding in more places

  • Add code generation for some quantized ops

  • Preliminary dynamic shape support

  • initial distributed ops

  • Pad op takes CoordinateDiff instead of Shape pad values to allow for negative padding.

  • NodeInput and NodeOutput classes prepare for simplifications of Node

  • Test improvements

  • Additional quantization ops

  • Performance improvements

  • Fix memory leak

  • Concat optimization

  • Doc updates