VariadicSplit  // VariadicSplit

C++ Interface

class VariadicSplit : public ngraph::op::Op

VariadicSplit operation splits an input tensor into pieces along some axis. The pieces may have variadic lengths depending on “split_lengths” attribute.

Public Functions

const NodeTypeInfo &get_type_info() const

Returns the NodeTypeInfo for the node’s class. During transition to type_info, returns a dummy type_info for Node if the class has not been updated yet.


Constructs a variadic split operation.

VariadicSplit(const Output<Node> &data, const Output<Node> &axis, const Output<Node> &split_lengths)

Constructs a variadic split operation.

outputs. The sum of split_lengths must match data.shape[axis]

  • data: The tensor to be split.

  • axis: The index of an axis in “data” along which to perform the split.

  • split_lengths: A list containing the sizes of each output tensor along the split “axis”. Size of “split_lengths” should be equal to the number of

void validate_and_infer_types()

Throws if the node is invalid.