General Visualization Tools

nGraph provides serialization and deserialization facilities, along with the ability to create image formats or a PDF.

NGRAPH_ENABLE_VISUALIZE_TRACING=1 enables visualization and generates graph visualization files.


Using NGRAPH_ENABLE_VISUALIZE_TRACING=1 will affect performance.

When visualization is enabled, svg files for your graph get generated. The default format can be adjusted by setting the NGRAPH_VISUALIZE_TRACING_FORMAT flag to another format, like PNG or PDF.


Large graphs are usually not legible with formats like PDF.

Large graphs may require additional work to get into a human-readable format. On the back end, very long edges will need to be cut to make (for example) a hard-to-render training graph tractable. This can be a tedious process, so incorporating the help of a rendering engine or third-party tool like one listed below may be useful.

  1. Gephi

  2. Cytoscape

  3. Netron