Integrating new frameworks

This section details some of the configuration options and some of the environment variables that can be used to tune for optimal performance when your system already has a version of nGraph installed with one or more of our supported backends discussed on our doc page: Overview.

Regardless of the framework, after the Build and Test step, a good place to start usually involves making the libraries available to the framework. On Linux systems built on Intel® Architecture, that command tends to looks something like:

export NGRAPH_CPP_BUILD_PATH=path/to/ngraph_dist/
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=path/to/ngraph_dist/lib/

Find or display version

If you’re working with the Python API, the following command may be useful:

python3 -c "import ngraph as ng; print('nGraph version: ',ng.__version__)";

To manually build a newer version than is available from the latest PyPI (Python Package Index), see our nGraph Python API documentation.